Tuesday, December 26, 2006

emesene 1.0 RC1

first release candidate of emesene 1.0 a lot of changes
some fixes to do but minimal

please report bugs!

artist needed to replace the emoticons
translator needed also!

  • new themes
  • move to group work
  • set alias added
  • new translations
  • bug fixes
  • block/unblock/add/remove modified
  • some GUI tweaks
  • etc..


Bert said...

In Linux, I mostly use aMSN because it has the most functions (like webcam, voice chat, custom emoticons,...)
I used to use Gaim, but it completely sucks. There is almost no development, and lacks the important functions...

But aMSN is written in tcl, which has its drawbacks too.

So, I sometimes use emesene too. It looks promising !
I hope you can add display pictures (avatars), custom emoticons, webcam, voice,... real quick

Anonymous said...

webcam? that's a dream my friend =/

Anonymous said...

be water my friend


Vinicius Depizzol said...

See my icons there :)

Thank you for the good job ank keep working :)

Fabioamd87 said...

1 relase for day?!? you are a genious!!
i wait fot avatar and custom emotions ;)

Bert said...

webcam *is* possible with aMSN, gaim-vv, mercury,...
So why not here? If properly done, it can attract many users

luismarianoguerra said...

i will add camera support but there are other things before that.

Anonymous said...

are you ready to code a v4l app in python without a performance lost?

Bert said...

Yes, there are more important things :) (like avatars & custom emoticons)
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

looking good!!

Derrick said...

The ONE thing I can see that emesene needs right now is VOICE. Webcam works perfectly for me and so does everything else. If voice worked I would be happy with it 100%. Well that and my display colors by default want to set the foreground font color to black and I have a dark desktop theme so that's not so good. I am hoping that the font colors will also be more configurable in the future. That is all I can find wrong with it...