Friday, December 08, 2006

emesene alpha 2

thanks to Linan Wang and Alberto Talavera for his support:
Linan Wang developed the offline message module and sent to me
Alberto Talavera did a great job polishing the emesene GUI

in this alpha some bugs have been corrected and some things added:
* now you can see offline messages
* a new plugin let you set the personal message with the song you are listening in amarok
* blocked message if a contact is blocked
* userMenu show only block or unblock according to the contact state
* a lot of modification in PSocket to allow emesene work under HttpMethod
* code clean up
* now the soap request are made in a thread so they dont block the GUI
* now emesene work on windows
* etc..


fabio said...

noww SVN show my contact! great work, the gui is magnific!!!


Simon said...

This is great work, a thanx to the devs

Anonymous said...

Just great! I hope this will be in the ubuntu repositories soon...

Anonymous said...

the gui is terrible!

luismarianoguerra said...


Fabioamd87 said...

this program have the better gui of all messenger for Gnome imho...