Saturday, December 02, 2006

emesene alpha

emesene 1.0 is almost feature complete so if you want to be alpha tester just run
the following command:

svn co emesene1
cd emesene1

turn on the debug on the preferences menu and start to use it, if you find a bug send me a mail with the exception in the console and the description of the bug to my mail (what were you doing, how to make it happen etc).

if you had used emesene 1.0 before erase the ~/.config/emesene1.0 directory

Update 03/12/06 8:11 : before submit a bug do "svn up" on your emesene directory, some fixes and new features added.


Anonymous said...

nuno@nuno-desktop:~/Desktop/emesene1$ python
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 503, in ?
controller = Controller()
File "", line 61, in __init__
self.mainWindow = MainWindow.MainWindow( self )
File "/home/nuno/Desktop/emesene1/", line 51, in __init__
self.set_icon( self.controller.theme.icon )
AttributeError: Theme instance has no attribute 'icon'

Anonymous said...

the command for download the svn dont work:

fabio@abu:~$ svn emesene1
Comando sconosciuto: ''
Digita 'svn help' per informazioni.

maybe we must add the "co" option?

D@vid€ said...

Hi, your project is very interesting to me, I've started to study your code, maybe in the future I will be able(as for now I'm a newbie at the programming thing) to help you with this nice program :)

A question: why do you set the program's config dir in ~/.config/.emesene/ in linux?
why not use directly ~/.emesene ?

MVN said...

ENORME! EMESENE crece a un ritmo trepidante!!
Espero que en breve supere las caracteristicas de amsn.
Me dirigo a Luis Mariano, lo antes posible me gustaria esar una mano en el proyecto.

Un Saludo desde Murcia

luismarianoguerra said...

AttributeError: Theme instance has no attribute 'icon'

try to erase the ./config/emesene1.0 directory

maybe we must add the "co" option?

added, thanks

why not use directly ~/.emesene ?

because the idea is not to fill your home with directories that you arent going to use anyway, so the idea is to put all in .config, some applications are starting to use it.

Espero que en breve supere las caracteristicas de amsn.

eso espero yo tambien :D

Anonymous said...

also i hope that this is more then amsn!
ps: can we collaborate with the amsn project????

dx said...

no, you must collaborate with emesene

please note, some bugs:

- some chars on the personal message are encoded with html entities: < > '

- the conversations sometimes mix up :S. If you are talking with someone (e.g. the owner of, and someone (e.g. your girlfriend) sends you a message, the messages will appear in the same tab, and maybe you'll start talking about fr33 pr0n with your girlfriend

heh, it's an example, but... well, it's frightening

luismarianoguerra said...

if you find a bug try before posting the bug trying the last version from the svn.

dx i think that this bug is allready fixed

Anonymous said...

saludos esta muy bueno este emesene. Uso slackware 11, cuando ejecuto el programa me sale "No tray icon library detected",como leí por ahí, compile e instalé el gnome-python-extras-2.14.2, pero aún así tengo este problemilla :-( a todo esto uso wmaker y no tengo gnome instalado, que me sugieres para ver los iconos?, que debería instalar?

salu2 y exito !

luismarianoguerra said...

try to do this:

$ python
>>> import egg.tryicon

if it work then the trayicon should work..

there is a notification area on windowmaker?

if it doesnt work search the tgz that contains that package

Anonymous said...

Unhandled exception in thread started by function login at 0xb6c5a25c
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 493, in login
File "/home/pip/emesene1/Msnp13/", line 159, in login
passportid = self.passportAuth( hash )
File "/home/pip/emesene1/Msnp13/", line 240, in passportAuth
except Except, e:
NameError: global name 'Except' is not defined