Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Formatting and toolbars added to emesene 2

During this weekend I rewrote the Menu implementation from scratch, that means that all the menus, popups and toolbars are new, I also implemented the conversation toolbar and select font, select color and clear buttons functionality, to make them useful I also implemented format message sending and display on the input and the output.


Kalimotxo said...

Good Job !! Emesene2 is starting to look so nice.

PS. With the new revision 1565 when I start emesene doesn't matter how it's my configuration, always it shows me the contacts ordered by status.

Nicolaide said...

Nice work Mariano! But i still with the contact list problem, nothings happen... The contact list never load... When i execute emesene2 says that:

Could not load one of the supported DNS libraries (dnspython or pydns). SRV records will not be queried and you may need to set custom hostname/port for some servers to be accessible.

Maybe is for this? I cant find the packages in ubuntu intrepid :S


Nicolaide said...

Ups... Now i install the package and nothings happens... The error is not showed but the contact list problem stills there

luismarianoguerra said...

I will check that


about the contact list, we are getting this problem with some servers, we are working on it.

there is no package for any distribution, it's pre-alpha software :D

Fabio said...

Mariano, this mean that we can see character of windows contacts like they see it?

juancarlospaco said...

Hola Mariano,
Esta muy bueno lo del Screenshot!!!.

solo tengo que comentarte 2 cosas,
seria bueno que para la version Final de Emesene 2 cambies los iconos de Zumbido y Enviar Archivo.
Los que se ven en el Screenshot no son
muy faciles de identificar "que hacen"
a simple vista,
creo que el de "Enviar archivo"
deberia ser algo como un Clip de papeles
(como tiene el Evolution para Adjuntar Archivos)
y el de Zumbido como un Rayito electrico.
...Fijate que el de Zumbido,
si no conoces el programa,
a simple vista no notas la diferencia con el de emoticones.

Por otra parte,
te comento que el Departamento de Marketing ha terminado la nueva publicidad para el Blog de Emesene,
en el link la nueva publicidad de Emesene 2,
en G.P.L. por supuesto :


Orfeo C said...

Nice work!I'm following you...CLOSELY :P

Nicolaide said...

Thanks for the answer Mariano... I talk about the package for pydns :P not of emesene2.

Good luck with this proyect!

Orfeo C said...

This is my idea 4 new emesene Look n Feel by using GTK Style (only 2 lines of code).
I'm not so good as gtk styler...but this could be a starting example!!!

luismarianoguerra said...

@fabio: yes, now you can send and receive formated text and.

the nudge icon will change, the + icon is to invite contacts to the conversation, not for send files. I love the marketing strategy ;)

@Nicolaide: that package is needed for the jabber support, and is not obligatory.

@Orfeo C: emesene 1 has a gtkrc plugin and emesene 2 will have it too, but we wont use it on the standard theme. It will be a user option to use it and to select the theme he likes the most.

Anonymous said...

Is there any planned roadmap where emesene2 / amsn2 development is based?

Bertolotti said...

Hi a quick question, i am using emesene pretty much since the beginning and guys, thank you... However it's seems like my contact can't see my personal smileys. Would that be fix in emesene2?

Anonymous said...

Hi guy
I from SA
my system linux ubuntu
I use emesne, sometime I have problme withit.
what I need?
I need log of conversation
I so sorry for my languge

Cesar said...

omg, emesene it's alive...

Me parece muy lindo que estén haciendo la 2.0... pero antes deberían solucionar el problema de la transferencia de archivos y el cuelgue total del emesene mientras hay una transferencia...

Nicolaide said...

@Cesar: Si probas la version del repositorio (la inestable), a fin de año Mariano arreglo ese problema, ahora anda de diez! Saludos!

Panagiotis Koutsias said...

is there any place I can ask for some help in emesene2? I have a problem with contact list....It's empty :P In terminal emesene reports some kind of authentication problem...Am i missing any python package? Thanks, and grats for the great work!

Anonymous said...

what about the inkdraw?

juancarlospaco said...

hola Mariano,
necesito unos datos si me podes orientar,
estoy mejorando la Aplicacion en Python Bleachbit:

Para propositos Personales,
testeo, uso en Soporte Tecnico de Ubuntu's,
hacerla Portable para el Pendrive,
y luego la enviare al Autor
(espero me preste atencion como hacen aca)
ya le agregue varias funciones
(incluyendo la que mas necesitaba, limpiar el Wine),
necesitaba si me podias decir en que PATH y que FILENAME,
el emesene 2 guarda Caches, Temporales, Logs, Historiales Temporales,
para agregar la funcionalidad de
limpiar el Emesene 2 al Bleachbit,
busque en la Emesene Wiki y no encontre.
por ejemplo el aMSN guarda todo en

necesitaba me puedas decir,
si es que guarda algun cache o temporal,
calculo que si, desde ya gracias.

Panagiotis Koutsias said...

OK, i got more details about my contact retrieving problem. My exact problem is described in this thread . Also in this page the solution is described. please take a look and I can test to see if it's working ;)

mads-hk said...

I just love this project, and the fast developing! Really good job!

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