Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not so frequently asked questions

disclaimer: the text was written really fast, expect some weird sentences :P

emesene cam/p2p/voice/custom emoticons/display pictures/handwrite/etc support

emesene 2 will support them some day, but they will not be implemented on the next alpha/beta release.
why? because I prefer to have a stable and maintainable base from which I can add that support later and keep the application stable and clean.
That was one of the failures of emesene 1, I wanted to add all the possible features and I never refactored or designed the application in a way that will make it maintainable, now there are bugs that are really hard to find/fix because of that, and you see that right now, no one wants to fix/maintain emesene 1, and that is not good. I want a documented and well structured base so I can get help from more coders that can understand and modify emesene 2 without having to read a mess of code.
So, I will make a release that will let you chat, do contact list operations, log and some preferences, and when that is polished I will start to work on more advanced features, some of them may come fast since we implemented them on emesene 1, some of them may take some time since MSN protocol changes all the time and voice/video are really platform dependent.

the will be available, but not in the next weeks.

report bugs

nobody is maintaining emesene 1 except some cleanup made by dx, if you want to report bugs go to emesene.org/trac but don't expect a fast response.

emesene 1.0.1 on windows (empty contact list)

there is an internal build of the latest trunk for windows it has some bugs that must be fixed, j0hn is working on that, I will see if we can make a release of it the next week (I didn't knew that people used emesene on windows.. :)

mac version

there are some instructions here http://emesene.org/trac/wiki/MacOSX my idea with emesene 2 is to make a cocoa version, but I have used a mac only 10 minutes on my whole life so if i dont get access to one of them maybe someone else will have to do it.
The code on emesene 2 is structured to make easy to implement other protocol support and other toolkits so if someone is interested..

emesene and python 3.0

python 3.0 is a transition release, not every library that we use is supported on it right now, we will code it using python 2.6 with the -3 switch and when all the libraries are available and python 3 is supported on the main distributions we will make the switch.

emesene 2 multiprotocol??

no, emesene 2 will not be multiprotocol, emesene 2 will be a MSN client, but since MSN is closed I feel like I'm helping to keep people using MS products, and since I use a Gtalk a lot lately I decided to test if e3 was designed as I thought to support jabber, I made the basic gtalk support on one night so it didn't consumed too much resources :D.
If you use the revision prior to Gtalk support you will see that nothing changed, that's because emesene 2 is still an MSN client, but now we add Gtalk support, that means that emesene 2 is not intended as a jabber client, you have gajim, pidgin and others for that, but only. Emesene 2 will not support other protocols, just those two and I won't sacrifice any MSN feature for Gtalk.

  • If a feature is on MSN and not in jabber it will be implemented on MSN and deactivated on Gtalk mode.
  • Advanced features of jabber will not be implemented if there is no MSN counterpart. (use gajim for that, it's a great client)
  • No more protocols supported
  • No multiaccount support, you either use one MSN account or one Gtalk account
  • MSN by default, Gtalk support changed on settings
and if you see, it's not hard to have more features than gtalk ;)

language support on windows

no main developer has windows installed on his machine so it's hard to test and add windows features, and language support doesn't work out of the box for us, if someone wants to be the windows maintainer, they are welcome :).

if you have more questions..


Anonymous said...

Hombre, claro que hay personas que usan emesene en gindons :D, cada 5 horas me paso por el blog a ver si has hecho cosas nuevas mariano xD, a mi parecer... tu cliente de MSN en un futuro, y ya lo esta haciendo destronara otros programillas de msn que bien FEOS que son viva python, viva GTK, viva el emesene xD, eso dijo.. un Fanatico, y esto... bueno... no se mucho de programacion pero si puedo servir de algo en traducciones o algo en windows xD aca estamos a la orden! Atentamente LOPYX

Anonymous said...

Tengo una pregunta?. Como esta creada la GUI de Emesene es decir hay algun programa especial para hacerla, o como esta creada, solo a base de codigo?, o usas algo como glade ?

luismarianoguerra said...

la gui es creada por codigo

Kanif said...

Hello, I am a user Emesene long enough and I thank you for the work used for this fabulous software. I have some question about version 2.
I download this version from svn and saw XMPP components (as in the screenshot) and I'd like to know if the device must be activated or it will default on Gmail address (I hope not because I 'using my Gmail address with the protocol Live ID so it will be a disadvantage). In addition I wanted to know if there will be possibility to customize the interface (indeed some element of Emesene 1 I like the pull-down list for status that no longer exists in the screens on Emesene 2. That is all thank you again for this fabulous open source software.

Sorry for my English, Google Translate help me for translate my request.

materials said...