Friday, January 16, 2009

Responses to requests and questions

Windows version

A lot of people asked for a new windows version, so I published a new one, check the post below :D

Clear button on the seach bar

The text is removed when you hide the search bar, it may be added later, but I need to add a dependency (libsexy)

Try icon

of course I will add it :D

Contact list sorting

emesene 2 sorts the contact getting the display name in this order:
  1. alias if exists
  2. nick if exists
  3. finally mail
so the contacts are ordered by those fields in that order, that means that if the contact has an alias, that will be used to sort, if not the nick will be used and if not (should not happen) the mail will be used.

Offline grouping

on emesene 2 the show by status option has no groups, it's a list of contacts sorted by status (and inside each status by the rules explained above). In this way the offline people are at the bottom, you can hide them unchecking "show offline", and there you go, "collapsed" offline group :D.

Open downloaded files with double click

seems reasonable :D

Qt front end

I don't know Qt, I would like to learn it, and trying to make a Qt front end seems like a nice excuse to me ;), but for now I will focus on the base and the gtk front end.

"Donate now" on Help

Nice idea, I got a donation only once, $10 from C10uD (thanks!, I will get that money and buy a beer sometime :D)

Get themes/plugins from a repository

I will add that.

Modify global configuration and inherit for new accounts

already done on emesene 2 :)

Save conversation on invisible mode

I will remember that :D

Hide blocked contacts (that is what I understood)

nice feature!

Resize large emoticons

I will try to remember it when p2p is implemented

Lower cpu usage with to many custom emoticons

animating a gif uses a lot of CPU I will see what can I do.

ugly maximized login window

on version 1 or 2?

what could be done to make it less ugly?

import/export logs


search logs by client


Custom group sort

will see if I can implement it.

Better support for self on contact list


Drag and drop for display picture

I need to implement p2p before but yes ;)

Disclaimer: Some of those requests are for features that are not implemented yet and will take a long time to be implemented, so please you will have to make me remember if I don't implement them


Orfeo C said...

File Transfer RULEZ XD
me (Otacon, plugin developer in emesene 1.x) & boyska will TRY to implement DIRECT FILE TRANSFER from SVN source.
Then (if you agree) we'll send to you source code of modified source files so you can choose to MERGE IT WITH YOUR SVN or DELETE THEM XD.

juancarlospaco said...

Thanks for the features!!!

between emesene and emesene
maybe is easy to implement features,
just like said "Orfeo C",
file transfer, webcam, etc.

Keep Working!,
if you need help im here,
im only know Bash Scripting and Design.

Orfeo C said...

Software structure is changed, so is not so easy
i.e. file transfer in emesene 1.x still doesn't work well (this is because of bad engeneering)
I've seen the new structure, it is simple,clear, WELL THREADIZED ... and easy to understand!
Uh Mariano, continue COMMENTING the code ;)

Master said...

Hello, I've got an idea for Emesene Yaber:
Some Jabber clients have a nice function, Transport MSN, with it you can chat with MSN users.
Will you implement it?

eduardo said...

Hola compatriota! Hay alguna manera de ejecutar emesene (por linea de comando) y que no muestre la ventana principal, que se vea sólo en el área de notificación? Si no la hay, sería una buena implementación. Suerte y gracias por el programa! Está muy bueno!

Anonymous said...

No tengo muy claro como hace para almacenar los logs, porque en modo invisible a veces guarda a veces no, no estoy seguro de los casos (invisible yo y con quién hablo no, invisible ambos, etc.). Los mensajes que se mandan a alguien que está offline creo que son los que no se guardan.

Anonymous said...

Shared Folders would be great.

Pier² said...

Thanks for the development !

Can you add a language option ? (ini file or other patch method ?)

I think it will be more complicated to add this feature in the future, no ? I am yet ready for the french translation...

Anonymous said...

search by word in all logs (you can remember something about a conversation but don't remember who was in that conversation)

Anonymous said...

coeurpur - hotmail said...

Happy new year and thank you very much for your EMESENE!

I have your Emesene running perfectly on my Ubuntu 7.04 and 8.10 ; but I cannot run it on my Acer Aspire One 150 with Limpus (based on Fedora 8) properly : the contact list remains empty... totally empty
Maybe you have received a same request from another Acer Aspire One 150 user?
I show the printscreen:

Again I hope this error is on my side and if you know how to solve it I am grateful for you answer.
UnNtil such time,
more time

coeurpur hotmail said...

I found the answer for the Emesene problem (contact list does not appear)

sed -i.bak 's/09607671-1C32-421F-A6A6-CBFAA51AB5F4/CFE80F9D-180F-4399-82AB-413F33A1FA11/g' /usr/share/emesene/emesenelib/

and then it WORKS!!!

Ludwig said...

I'd love to see and option to log directly into text or html files - or, at least, an easy way to search and export logs from the database.

Emesene is a very good client, I have no complaints or requests other than those related to logging. Thank you for the good work.

sticker said...

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mike said...

I really love emesene. If you guys can fix filetransfer and make it as fast as amsn. I will remove all the other messengers and use your program exclusively. Now i need to switch to amsn just to send/receive files. And I think amsn is ugly as sin.

monkeyy said...

emesene is the best!!! can someone tell me how to see old conversations?? where are them saved?? (them or they?? I am argentinian...sorry)