Tuesday, January 13, 2009

small yet useful features requests

in a comment juancarlospaco requested a small but useful feature, that is to not display emoticons on the conversations, but just the shortcuts, I added it as a feature with 4 lines of code, so I thought that there may be some small but useful features that you would want to see on emesene 2.

no huge features allowed, post comments, I will see which of those I can add easily, the hard ones will be in my todo list, the ones that I can't implement will be explained here.



MaitreZur said...

> I expect the comments.

Well here's a little one :

WLM & aMSN proposes a feature called "Hybrid Mode", which consists on sorting online contacts normally (by groups) and regrouping offline contacts in an "Offline" group.

Indeed, when you hide offline contacts, there's no way to send an offline message.

At last, thank you very much for this software, it's certainly one of those which made me totally migrating to Linux.

Anonymous said...

how about a new windows executable, we need a decent alternative to msn messenger and amsn is so buggy and slow.

dvd said...

I'd like to have a clear button in the search bar, for example as in rhytmbox :)

Orfeo C said...
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Orfeo C said...

- About P2P -
I'm with you for a "Strong" and "Well-defined" software engeneering. But i think P2P is a BASIC feature (like sending and receiving custom emoticons).
Webcam/voice/audioclips/winks are optional (in my opinion).

- Animated personal images -
In wlm2009 you can set personal image as Animated image (.gif) it wouldn't be so hard to implement this feature

- Tray Icon -
Tray icon is still not yet implemented and i'm sure that you'll implement it as soon as possile...it's just a reminder :P

Anonymous said...

When you sort contacts alphabetical order they should be sorted by nick's letters and not email's (when contacts are listed by nick).

And when contacts are sorted by online/offline status there should be also "Offline-group" - I mean, now there's "Online (12/100)", but not "Offline (88/100)". Hope you understand me. :)

And many many thanks, for creating this great client! It's the best MSN client on Linux!

helios91 said...

It would be useful if after receiving a file we could double click on its name for opening it instead of right clicking -> openfile

And if you (or somebody else) have the time, why not QT gui with PyQt? ^^

Sorry for my bad English and thank you for your great job!

juancarlospaco said...

So many tanks jejeje

Sabes que la gran mayoria de las versiones Redmondescas de WLM Clients se pueden tildar con solo mandar muchos emoticones del Murcielaguito?,
big bug, nunca lo arreglaron.
En el emesene no te llega a tildar todo el sistema, pero si se pone apenas lento, hablando en S.O. Ubuntu.

El "Donate Now... " en el menu ayuda,
hay que empezar a recaudar, un link a PayPal.

El "Get Skins..." y "Get Plugins..."
en el menu ayuda,
asi sin agregar peso, agregas mas diseños y funcionalidad,
podes ordenar bien el el Server las cosas en .tar.gz
y despues que las 2 opciones nuevas sean un llamado a un .bat o .sh segun sea el caso, y que Wget y Tar hagan todo el laburo, si es solo descargar y descomprimir donde corresponde.
que estan para Windows y Linux.
O como a vos se te ocurra,
pero una opcion que descargue e instale Skins y Plugins
desde el propio Menu del programa, automatico,
un Emesene 2 Extended jejejejej.

Por el amor de dios QT4 en emesene noooo!!!
para pesado ya esta aMSN.

Pete said...

I hope that i read the post correcly.
Anyhow this is something i have requested several times in emesene, but never been investigated.

Which is an option to modify the default configuration.
newley created emsene profiles defaults to the values i have configured in the default configuration.

Please excuse my limited English

helios91 said...


In emesene2, the backend is totally separated from the gui.
So we can do a GTK gui for GNOME, a qt4 gui for KDE and Windows (I think QT4 is better integrated in Windows than GTK) and a Cocoa gui for MacOsX.

Anonymous said...

Creo que puede ser util poder ordenar la lista de grupos, aMSN lo hace.

I think that can be useful can sort the contact group. aMSN does it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know in emesene2 but in emesene 1.0.1 when you write in invisible mode emesene don't save the conversation. I think that emesene should can save this conversations.

Anonymous said...

Well my suggestion is the same what I have suggested to emesene 1.x etc. :) Basicly I would like to have an option to NOT show any information when blocked contacts are logged in, not even in list. Or maybe small settings, where you can select to not show in list or not, even there will not be any login information at "pop up" when this function is "on".

Anyway thanks for great program, can't wait to have "final" (=with all emesene 1.x features + maybe more) version in my hands. Seems like there is no reason for me to wait amsn 2 anymore, since my favorite msn client will "reborn" :)


Anonymous said...

My bad, of course I meant "...to show in list, or not.." instead of "to not show in list or not..". :D


Anonymous said...

sobre el post de "blocked contacts" creo que es más interesante la opción de poder seleccionar el comportamiento que tener un comportamiento fijo, ya sea que muestre la información que comenta o que no la muestre.

Ubuntu-News said...

In emesene 2.0 I would like first of all (of course) more stability and speed.
Then I would propose to open (as I am doing) forum on various topics of Linux operating systems used.
For example, I opened a forum on the topic of ubuntu to try to collect some developers to speed up the development of emesene.
If they did everyone would have more developers and therefore emesene 2.0 would be completed more quickly.
in emesene 2.0 then, I would like, support spaces, games, audio / video more or less the same things we are asking all.

danilopiazza said...

* Automatically resize too large emoticons
I have seen people using some custom emoticons which are way too large. It is my understanding that WLM automatically resizes them if they exceed a certain size; emesene should do it, too.

* Lower memory footprint and CPU usage
When participating in conversations riddled with animated emoticons, emesene has a high CPU usage.

With these features (along with good Windows support, needed to convert people to using it), emesene would be perfect. Great job!

nomesueltes said...

Hola, quisera hablar contigo sobre una mejora al Dbus.py de emesene 1, a ver si lo apruebas para incluir mis cambios porfa, chequen:
es mi plugin de gnome-do para emesene, CON el Dbus.py modificado, que permite ver historial de avatares, cambiar estado, etc...

Anonymous said...

It's very ugly if at start you maximize the login window.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting can export/import logs and a option to search by client and not select a client and then search in the logs.

Eibriel said...

Poder ordenar grupos arrastrando y soltando... (y que se guarde el orden)

Poder ver la imagen de uno mismo en la lista. (yo me agregué a mi mismo.. creo que eso no está bien soportado por el programa)

Lo que puse en otro post acerca del Tray Icon.

Que al presionar Ctrl+Tab teniendo varias solapas salte en primer lugar a la que tenga un mensaje sin leer.

Que al ordenar por estado.. ordene por estado en lugar de alfabéticamente (primero conectados, luego no disponibles y al telefono, luego ya vuelvo, sali a comer ausente y finalmente no conectados.)

Que al arrastrar una imagen a mi avatar (tanto en una ventana de conversación como en la lista de contactos se abra la ventana de "Selector de avatar". Que al arrastrar una imagen a la lista se agregue automáticamente.

Que al hacer doble click en una imagen equivalga a presionar el botón de Aceptar en la ventana de selección de imagen nueva (donde se examinan los archivos de la pc).

Ja, un montón de cosas, con que agregues alguna nada más ya estaría contento :)

andre said...


there's an option in pidgin that I find useful, you can sort your contacts by their log size, so people you talk more are always on top.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever think about a Emoticon Panel like the Mercury one?
It's very useful when you have tons of emoticons!

wildkeny@gmail.com said...

I do think that we need a newly designed chat window. The current arrangement of the display pictures waste too many spaces (though they can be hidden). I prefer the chat window style of galaxium, or it could be even better. Also, the logging window of galaxium looks more fancy. As for a chatting software, I think it is important to keep the interface well organized and simple. Thanks. :)

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