Sunday, February 01, 2009

Information update

About empty contact list:

we have a problem with passport authentication, it happens for some people, we will look into it, thanks to Panagiotis Koutsias for the hint.

Edit: thanks to roger duran who fixed the problem!

About the jabber support:

the suport is still enabled by code (on uncomment the line 46 and comment the line 47, that was easy! :D), in the future it will be enabled on login preferences.

about a roadmap for emesene 2:

not there is no roadmap :D

about bugs on emesene 1:

yes there are lots of bugs, but right now only I and dx are coding, and we are focused on emesene 2. If someone want to take on emesene 1 maintainance I will help them to start with the code.

about pydns and related:

you don't need that package and no bug will be fixed by installing it, it's just an optional package for jabber support

about needed packages:

you only need python and pygtk to use emesene, no extra package needed

about the location of emesene cache:

it's located on ~/.config/emesene2/ inside that there is the global config file and a folder for each account.


RoxThiaguin said...

I wanna help to correct emesene1 bugs.

actually I made a change here that allowed accounts to log-in (there were a lot of people with that kind of account that couldn`t log-in.

In emesenelib/, I changed in the line 504:

if '' not in self.user:
_server = ""
_url = "/RST.srf"
_server = ""
_url = "/pp550/RST.srf"


_server = ""
_url = "/RST.srf"

don`t know why that was like it, but, doing that change, I could log-in with accounts.
I tried to send it to forum, but, forums are offline.

and..please, contact me to teach me how can I help emesene1 with bug correction.

RoxThiaguin said...

my email is:

Panagiotis said...

yeah! no more authentication problems! good job!

juancarlospaco said...

Emesene 2 support added to Bleachbit.

Im helping to traduce it to Spanish
and add support for important apps, Thanks

luismmontielg said...

I would like to help in the bug correction of emesene 1

PS: nice work on emesene 2, can't wait for it

BoySka said...

hi! (and yes, of course, great work! I had a look to the code and it's VERY good!).
What I mostly care about right now, is to make development and collaboration of emesene2 and amsn2 easier. So, when I'll have the time (and I think I won't for still some weeks), I'll try to introduce a new, improved, pluginmanager and, most important, a PluginLibrary. This will be an high-level abstraction to most used features, and it will be an API to be implemented both in emesene2 and amsn2.
So, lot of plugins could be ported from one app to the other one!!
In the same way, we'd need to do some other abstractions, for example on notifications, sounds, debugmanager, log management. Well, lots of promises that I don't know when could I really work on, but I hope you like the ideas ;)

luismarianoguerra said...

@BoySka: I like the ideas, you can send me a mail with detailed information about your ideas and we can discuss them.

luismarianoguerra said...


fix commited to trunk, thanks!

Tommaso said...

I wanna help to correct emesene1 bugs too :D
My email is, contact me if u need my help. I know python quite well, and I can write emesene plugins without any problem

Bye :)

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