Sunday, March 22, 2009

First real life example of extensions

Since the commit I just made you can select the protocol to use on preferences! :) this is the first example of extensions that where added to the code this week.
Basically each protocol (and almost all on emesene) is an extension that can be replaced, on the 'session' extension category we have two extensions, gtalk and msn, you can switch between them or even add another extensions for other protocols. you could in fact download an extension to support a new protocol*

also all the parts of the gui are extensions, so if you don't like a part of the gui you will be able to code/download an extension and replace it.

In a future post I will show how to replace parts of the application with custom extensions**

also as you can see the preference dialog on the login window has another options, this options are stored and loaded from the config file but are not yet used by the protocols. My next work is to add support for those.

* we are focused on being a MSN client but if someone wants to; he can make his own extension to support another protocol, that won't hurt anybody since it's not part of emesene.

** the extension framework is being developed so it's not yet stable.


Orfeo C said...

Emesene 2 is becoming really attractive (both for users and developers)!

Eibriel said...

:) Looks great!

NoobixCube said...

Is there a usable version of Emesene 2 available yet? Can I get it from SVN or something?

luismarianoguerra said...

read this post, you must check out the trunk/mesinyer directory and do

Minatolf said...

Really nice! It's really time gnome gets the WLM client it deserves. I dream with an emesene website where you can download everything for it such as plugins, themes, emoticon themes, sound packs,etc. Something like Adium-xtras. Keep on working on it!

The End Sad said...

Hi , it's look awesome .
small Q: Why you didn't upgrade main page of the site ??
because I visited the forum to found the last version "1.4.8" ,in main page the last version "1.0.1" , woow it's big different .
I'll be waiting for the next version .

Orfeo C said...

Because emesene 1.4.x is a community-mantained version of emesene!
Emesene 2 will be MUCH better than pidgin (indeed it can be multiprocol ;) )
You can customize everything!!!
Mariano only a feature request:
Like we've done a PLUGIN MANAGER can you make an EMOTICON/SOUND/GTKSTYLE/CONVERSATIONS MANAGER that lets you download every "extension" directly from emesene?

pol666 said...

Mariano, te pregunto si hubo algun cambio de protocolo o algo por el estilo?, por que venia usando la ultima version 1.02 que estaba en SVN y andaba muy bien, hasta ayer que me volvio a rebotar contactos agregados y a generar conflicto entre WLM y emesene. si ya hay un parche, me gustaria saber así actualizo Gracias.

NeXTWay said...

Wow :D
I'm really looking forward to trying it :D

Orfeo C said...

Hey mariano, move the project to GIT,so we can help ya ;)

gianpa said...

Yeah! move it to GIT so we can all see what's going on!

Btw I like this blog but we need more posts! Let us know how's going!

efe said...

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