Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Results from feature requests

Things that will be implemented:

  • Save/restore windows position/size (6 july)
  • Personal message/current song separation on User Panel
  • Export logs (7 July)
  • Hide deleted/blocked contacts
  • Select side for avatars (6 july)
  • Block group
  • Start chat with group
  • Switch between tabs with ctrl page up/down (6 july)
  • Small icons in contact list (6 july)
  • Autologin
Long term implementations:

  • MSN+ support
  • Roaming profiles
  • Global settings
  • Drag'n drop contacts to invite chat
  • Adium themes
  • Windows/Mac support (I don't have those)
Already solved

  • Focus on conversation entry
  • Don't show notifications on login
  • Compact window (still needs a shortcut)
  • Hour in conversation (through conversation themes)
  • Forget this account (just deselect the remember checkboxes)
  • Order groups (there is no GUI for that yet but already implemented)

Things that won't be implemented now:

  • Resize webcam window (we don't have p2p yet)
  • Share backgrounds (no p2p)
Things that won't be implemented:

  • Multiple session support (that is what pidgin is for...)
  • See friends IP address (protocol doesn't show IP addresses, only on direct connect when doing P2P)

Don't understand:

  • Focus on windows/flap with unread message when click on Tray Icon? Like pidgin..
  • Frames for display in conversation
  • Multiple login as in WLM9
Things that should be plugins:

  • Different notifications for different users
  • Change tray on typing
  • Last.fm/facebook/twitter song or personal message update (would be nice to make it into a single plugin)
  • Caned responses
  • Auto message

Things that are related to emesene 1.x:
  • Lot of exception windows (limit the exception windows)


DragaO~ said...

my request wasn't acceptd (or at last, i didin't see in the home page XD)

in some future, i'll try learn python and make a plugin that separates the log files in folders by month (or, when emesene2 is out, give the idea again :D)

today i have this "plugin", but i write in php, if someone want it please tell me :)

waiting for emesene2 :D

luismarianoguerra said...

it was accepted: "Export logs"

Fabio said...

forget to ask, em.2 will be compatible with em.1 database?

2) will you update this feature list with done/undone?

luismarianoguerra said...

@Fabio: the database will be incompatible. A script could be done to migrate the content.

when I implement some features I will do a post showind the don/remaining features.

Fabio said...

thanks Mariano, I hope the db will be incompatible because of improvements...
anyway a import script will be very nice, I've more than one year of logs, and I would not lose them...

(ps: sometime some text isn't logged, this bug will be resolved)

Anonymous said...

hola mariano, primero gracias por hacer esto, no puedo esperar a que esté terminado para usarlo :P

sobre los pedidos que no entendiste:

"Frames for display in conversation"
Encuadrar los avatares, ponerles un marco alrededor y que su color dependa del estado de la persona (verde online, rojo ocupado, etc)

"Multiple login as in WLM9"
Creo que se refiera a que, con el WLM9, podés loguearte a la misma cuenta desde diferentes pc's al mismo tiempo sin que se desconecte de ninguna de las dos (o más).

"Focus on windows/flap with unread message when click on Tray Icon? Like pidgin.."
Este creo que significa que si tengo mensajes no leidos en alguna ventana, al hacer click sobre el tray vaya directo a esa conversación esa

por mi, ningúno de los tres es necesario o importante igual o mejora mucho las cosas...

propongo una que nadie dijo, plugin de comandos configurables, o sea... una lista de acciones posibles y cada uno le asigna comandos "/algo" a los que quiere usar, por ejemplo: escribo "/busy" en una conversación cualquiera y mi estado cambia a ocupado.

Erik said...

"Multiple login as in WLM9"
Since the latest WLM, you can login on several (or just two?) locations. If someone sends you a message, it will arrive on both locations!

:Brunito! said...

graciaaaaas!! espero las salida de emesene2

Vincent said...

"Focus on windows/flap with unread message when click on Tray Icon? Like pidgin.."

I think that means that, when a person says something to you in a window in the background, that window should come up when you click emesene's tray icon.

Anyway, one of my requests wasn't even mentioned at all (though thank you for accepting my other request :)), namely the following.

Say, I got two smileys with codes "smiley1" and "smiley2". Now, say I wanted to send smiley2, but I erroneously type "smiley1". Realizing my mistake, I press backspace and type "2", expecting this to become "smiley2". However, upon pressing backspace the whole smiley is removed without re-inserting all but the last characters of "smiley1".

OK, it's not that clear, but I hope it's clear enough cause it's a simple usability issue and I don't think it's that difficult to solve.

DragaO~ said...

thanks for accept :D

by the way, if you want, i can give you my code (in php, like i said) to demonstrate what i've done (and i used today again :D)

you want the code? can i post here? don't know how give you the code :P

i'm glad to help, if i can :)

comu said...

Un comentario personal: Las funcionalidades de un programa son muy importantes, pero lo que realmente hace que triunfe es que sea cómodo de usar.

En mi opinión, Emesene 1 ha tenido mucho exito porque ha sabido combinar muy bien las funciones que la gente buscaba con un diseño muy atractivo.

Eibriel said...

Focus on windows/flap with unread message when click on Tray Icon? Like pidgin..

Lo pongo en castellano:
Que al hacer click en el ícono de la bandeja cuando hay un mensaje sin leer, en lugar de abrir o cerrar la ventana principal de Emesene, coloque el foco en la ventana y solapa de conversación que contiene el mensaje. Si hay varios mensajes sin leer, va al último.
Es increíblemente útil.
Aparte ayudaría a la gente que viene acostumbrada a usar Pidgin. Me resulta frustrante hacer click por costumbre en el ícono al recibir un mensaje y que se me cierre (o abra) la ventana de Emesene.
Quizas a otros le pase lo mismo..

Un saludo!!

Stefanauss said...

I'm sorry but i couldn't post before so i'm asking right here.
I don't know if this is included in "Export Logs", but it will be possible to export conversation in plaint text or HTML?

Sebastián said...

Yep, that was exactly what I wanted to say with "multiple login". Thanks Anonymous and Erik!

Orfeo C said...

Mariano, i'm actually coding webcam support with farsight 2 gst plugin helped by community. So when you'll plan to make webcam working remember to count on me :D (both protocol and streaming). I'm trying to write the code as clean as possible (surely, without 'violating' emesene 1.x "architecture" :P)

juancarlospaco said...

Gracias Mariano!
Thanks Orfeo C!

FulmineNero said...

Hi Mariano!
I can help you to make emesene more mac style(it already works with mac). Some time ago I've created the package of emesene1 to works with macs. But first :) I need plugins support

Gürkan Gür said...

and please put a donate button to your homepage.. maybe you can buy a webcam :D

Spayder26 said...

Great, thanks!

Máté said...

Hi guys,

Great job indeed.
I like the platform free im programs. But i am using Windows mostly because of my work. So i am waiting the Windows relase of the new version (1.5) of Emesene. :) Till then i have to use Pidgin.

Hurry up guys, I want to enjoy your work too. ;)

Dragón said...

personally think that multiple session support is a must. I know lots of people who use it and it's a feature in MSN+, so why not to do it? pidgin doesn't even reach the feet of emesene2, it's far even more powerful, user-friendly and msn-like than pidgin (which I look at more as a "geek" app), so multisession support is a must, IMHO.

Greets from Venezuela :)