Monday, June 22, 2009

small feature requests here

if you tested emesene 2 and you have some small requests to make (no p2p and big stuff like that)

post a comment, I will try to implement them.

EDIT: I'm talking about emesene 2 features, not emesene 1. Also things that could be implemented as plugins are outside the scope by now since I have to finish the core first :).


Fabio said...

as discussed, will be nice storing position of window when hided in tray.

Fabio said...

maybe not very simple, but emesene2 should be designed for (optional) different notification sounds for different contacts.

Anonymous said...

How about when you can use webcam you can make the screen bigger then regular size?

Fabio said...

Anonymous are you kidding?
webcam (and related) is far from a feature request.

Ivan! said...

Emesene is the best IM. :)

A feature request?
It would be nice if when someone is typing tray icon change (with the appropriate icon from the theme).

Congratulations for the program ;)

Vincent said...

It would be nice if the plugin could also display the most recently scrobbled track in your PM.

Oh, and perhaps separating the "currently playing" and the personal message field, if you haven't already done that.

Fabio said...

yeah Vincent, would be nice for example changing the personal message without hide current song.

Diego Sarmentero said...

Remember the size of the MainWindow and the Size of the Conversation Window.

Mehdi Rejraji said...

It would also be cool to have customizable messages that can be sent with a simple shortcut or typed command.
For example, if I type
or if i choose "Hello" in the appropriate menu, it says :"Hello ! How are you ?"

Automatic text replacement would also be a nice feature, for example, for those who like writing in L33T 5P3AK, or other stuff like that. I could be used for word replacement or filter.

Agree ?

Mehdi Rejraji said...

Oh, I forgot one thing :
I would LOVE a synchronization between my personnal message and web 2.0 services like facebook or twitter. Maybe it's harder, maybe it's not, as the API seems quite easy to use.

For example, when i type something new in my Pm, i have a new post on facebook, or twitter. And when emesene starts, it grabs the facebook or twitter status.

Difficult one ?

zipatei said...

Choose a background image to the conversation and share it with the person's conversation.

Selrac said...

When my Internet falls Emesene starts raising exceptions, and if I'm not at the keyboard it can open more than 700 exceptions windows. Can you put a limit for the number of exception windows?

Thanks for reading :-)

Nicolaide said...

Simple and very stupid request... When open a conversation window the focus will be in the text entry :P... And please tell us how do you solve the problem with all the notification on the login...


DragaO~ said...

can you implement the logs of emesene?

i make an "plugin" (writed in php) to organize my folders by date, but, i have to run this script every first day of month; can you implement this in python?

i think call this function when some event occur, like "on send message", "on receive message" or even "on log in" and "on close"

sorry about my english, if you don't understand, i can explain better :)

keep the good work!

Spayder26 said...

An easily accessible (via shortcut or whatelse) compact mode for chat window, similar to gajim.

Yosh said...

When I log in I can see every contact I have deleted, as if I'd never done it, I dont know if its a feature but i dont like it because its confusing and I dont know if im sending add request to them.
(if you don't get me I can explain it better)

yepi said...

Emesene2 deberia tener soporte completo para el roaming profile, es decir, deberia descargar y subir al servidor los avatares que usamos.

yepi said...

Yo creo tambien que deberian hacer la ventana de conversacion bastante mas simple y mas compacta al estilo pidgin pero no tanto, cuanto mas especio ahorremos mejor! y mejor sera para aquellos con pantallas/resoluciones chicas por ejemplo netbooks.
Hablando de ventanas de conversacion, se podria tambien implementar una opcion para desplazar los avatares a la izquierda al estilo WLM9. Y tambien una opcion para poder elegir tener las tabs arriba, abajo, a la izquierda, a la derecha y etc, como hace pidgin.

yepi said...

Una cosa mas es que al escribir un emoticon, por ejemplo ":)" y tocar backspace para borrar una vez, se borra todo el emoticon, estaria bueno que el emoticon desaparezca y en este caso se borre el ")" y quede solo el ":" que daria paso para meter otro emoticon.

alexandr said...

deberian pulir un poco el aspecto de la interfaz, en especial la ventana de conversacion (hacerla un poco mas compacta) y la ventana de login cuando escoges una cuenta guardada.

dirty fingers said...

sera posible que se decodifiquen las cadenas del messenger plus que cambian los colores, tamaños etc ?

p0ng said...

i'd like to have the option to block all contents from a specific group, so i could create a group, let's say 'blocked', and block all contacts at once.

Rene said...
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Rene said...

switch between tabs with ctrl page up/dn

c10ud said...

msn+(xmpp*n) concurrent sessions :P

(so we can have all the xmpp flavours available :P)

ok, this is not an easy one but...ehehe

Tommaso said...

Well.. In emesene2 you can't see contacts' avatars and neither set yours, right? So, what about adding this two little things?

(Sorry for my bad English)

zurg said...

Que tal, me parece excelente tu trabajo en este gran cliente de mensajería :)

Mi petición es un poco tonta, ya que va enfocada a lo visual, se podría implementar un marco para los display en la ventana de conversación y que hubiera posibilidad de cambiarlos?

Saludos y felicitaciones :D

PD. tenía que escribir en inglés? :P

Anonymous said...

#1 Well i would like to have the option to change the default configuration so i don't have to change the look and feel & plugins for all accounts.

#2 Bring back the option to have small icons in the contact list just like emesene1 *maybe this is already planned*

zipatei said...

1) Auto-message;
2) Choose a background image to the conversation and share it with the person's conversation;
3) Auto-login;
4) Forget this account in login;
5) Hours in text conversation.

Sebastián said...

Nice MSN client!
Here goes my petitions:
* Copy/paste smileys
* Drag'n drop contacts to invite chat
* Don't know if can be done right now, anyways here I go: "Adium themes"
* Set "What I'm listening right now"
* Use diferent systray icons for each state.
* Animated systray icons for certain actions (incoming message)
* Rule the World before than "
The Brain"!

(I better don't ask for webcam, audioclips, ink, winks and/or videoconference)

Sebastián said...

Ah! I forgot! Multiple login as in WLM 9.

Eibriel said...

Focus on windows/flap with unread message when click on Tray Icon? Like pidgin..

Vincent said...

Oh, here's another one: when having typed a smiley, than pressing Backspace, only remove the last character that made up a smiley.

e.g. when I type :), it converts into a smiley, when I then press backspace I don't just want the whole smiley removed, I also want the character : to still be there.

diega said...

Could be possible to have a D-Bus interface? So that could be possible to make a gnome-do plugin.
Good work pal.

Anonymous said...

aA nice feature would be to see your friends IP address.

Samuel said...

tengo algunas sugerencias para emesene2.

1.- Agregar personas a una conversacion arrastrando el contacto de la pantalla principal a una ventana de conversación.
2.- boton derecho sobre un grupo,opción "iniciar conversación grupal con contactos conectados" (del grupo obvio).

Si se me ocurre algo más te cuento.

Felicitaciones por tu trabajo.
Saludos desde Chile.

Demétrio Neto said...

MSN+XMPP sessions

Choose the place of the exibition images(left,like new WLM or right,like old WLM)

Daniele said...

I've a request too.

Better Windows support :)

Emesene2 should be platform independent!

Dennis said...

Please make it possible to use in MAC OS X? :)

Perfigo said...

i have a request - not compatible with windows, because they already have live messanger

TeraByteS said...

Please Por the Emesene for Linux Maemo.


Internet Tablet NOKIA N800

Fabio said...

please: possibility to order groups.

FulmineNero said...

@ Dennis:

I'm already working for this and it works!

I've maded the porting for emesene1, I'm still waiting the plugins support to make it more mac style :)

Juan Luis said...

I suggest to implement drag and drop from nautilus and dolphin. At the moment it only work with gtk apps. (i love konqueror xD)

Kenneth said...

Donde puedo reportar bugs?
Quisiera colaborar pero de verdad que no hay ningun
team deberian registrar este proyecto en launchpad

BarbaGuardian said...

Emesene 2 must have a decent file transfer system. It is childish to say that emesene 1 has file transfer feature when an msn user sends to emesene at 1kb/sec...

For me file transfer is THE feature that every day users need. And i hear that complain basically from new to the linux community users.

It's funny, but audio and webcamera sounds like a huge gap, but average user rarely uses that feature, in addition to file transfer which is very common.

Fabio said...

I must quote BarbaGuardian...

baertsmatthieu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
matttbe said...


I try to access to your repository ( but it seems that there is nothing on it !

Do you change the name of this repository ?

Gürkan Gür said...

accessing plugin list with a shortcut, like ctrl-g (yes i'm not using the menu bar :) )

:Brunito! said...

Pequeño pedido!

me gustaria que emesene2 tenga drag&drop para poder arrestrar texto desde el textarea de la conversacion hacia el textbox para escribir.
Otra chiquita, que cuando se hace click en el mensaje de algun usuario conectado que se ponga el focus en ese tab que se abre.

Muchas gracias! amo emesene, realmente es genial y gracias por dedicar tu tiempo a esta comunidad que cada vez es mas grande.

:Brunito! said...

little request!

To be able to use drag&drop from conversation to textbox :) for me is useful!
and when a contact get online and you open the conversation the focus have to be on the new conversation!

Thank so much, i love emesene really much, thank a lot for your time!

Wayne said...

I want to draw and transfer the picture, just like the windows messenger.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to have implemented the possibility of a shared folders between contacts? i think that this would be an extremely useful feature for this good msn client

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this "poll" is already closed, but I want to add something I've asked in the tracker, and may be simpler than other requests :)

In the Current Song plugin you've got a couple tags to show song's names, like %title, %artist and so. The thing is that i've got a lot of MP3 files without ID3 tags, and in these cases the plugin shows "Playing no song" or something like that (i've got it in spanish).

Maybe you can add %filename tag so I can always show the filename, regardless of the ID3 tags of the file.

Thanks and keep the good work. Alf.

Anonymous said...

Adding smiley is pretty horrible actually: we can only add smiley one by one, and we must use the classic smiley menu (so we must add annoy somebody for adding smiley). Make something for adding smiley offline, and adding multiple smiley at the same time will be awesome.
Another cool thing will be that custom theme (exemple: newMSN) are applied directly at the launch of emesene, not after log-in.

stopperos said...

Hi, feature request:
Maybe it is too large and complex, but think it can be good to add a feature to save the conversation into a "Conversations" folder in Evolution, Thunderbird.

Anonymous said...

hi, I have a request for another relatively easy implementable feature: an option to toggle the sending of the "user is typing message" to your contacts.
Sometimes when you start typing something when your contact has started typing, he will stop and wait for your reply first because he sees the "user is typing" message, which can be annoying. would be nice if there is an option to turn the sending of the "user is typing" message on/off, thanks.

Vincent said...

Oh, here's another one: when there's a connection error ("will reconnect in <x> seconds"), it would be nice if there was a "reconnect now" button.

Aljullu said...

Quizá voy un poco tarde, pero hay una característica que me guastaría mucho que añadiérais. En Pidgin, hay la opción de ordenar los contactos según el tamaño del registro, es decir, con los que hablas más salen arriba de todo, y con los que nunca hablas salen abajo de todo.

¿Sería posible? Realmente es una opción muy útil.

¡Gracias y felicidades por el trabajo!

Ronald said...

All the other clients I have used support the option to hide to other when you're typing.

Could something like that be integrated into Emesene 2.0 ?

Also, when using a custom emoticon that uses parts of an other emoticons shortcut, to display the correct emoticon.
In short: when doing the space at the end of a shortcut, only then determine which emoticon to display.


original emoticon: :|
custom emoticon: :|k

Emesene displays the original + the letter k.

Ronald said...

* possibility to hide when you're typing
* ability to use standard emoticon shortcuts for other emoticon. See example below

There is a standard shortcut :|
But I also use a custom emoticon which uses the shortcut :|k

Emesene in this case display the standard emoticon.

So in short: let emesene determine at the end of a shortcut (after using space) and use the complete shortcut for determination which emoticon is requested.

Facundo said...

Hola, muy bueno el emesene, mi favoritp, pero me gustaría poder copiar texto desde la conversacion! estoy usando windows 7 x64, y no puedo copiar nada al portapapeles.