Monday, July 06, 2009

Some requests implemented

* new features implemented
- save/restore windows position/size between sessions
- save/restore windows position/size when minified on tray icon
- select side for avatar
- select between tabs with ctrl+pgup ctrl+pgdown
- select between tabs with alt+"number"
- close tab with ctrl+w
- customizable avatar size on contact list
- customizable text format on contact list

As an important notice, the dev team of emesene 1 and 2 decided to start testing new tools, we started using git at github (here is my fork of the master branch: we are also looking for some tool to replace trac.

in some time I will post how to get the code, fork it and request to integrate the changes (I have to learn first! :P)

That's all for now, I will continue to implement the requested features when I have more time.

now a screencast to show the new features:


Sweetth said...

looks very good and most promising - are you far away to implement avatar choice and display and also custom smiley which are the two feature missing for me to use daily, a plus would be the option to block certain contact custom smiley :)

Otacon said...

Hi guys when will be implemented plugins supports? :)

Orfeo C said...

LoL who is _THAT_ Otacon?
I'm the only _REAL_ Otacon...
anyway mariano i've noticed that in conversation window the middle toolbar can be dragged down and up till it disappears...maybe make some constraints in order to have a minimum space to input/read messages? i.e. at least a line

Orfeo C said...

Uh and about GIT... I have only to say that using GIT aMSN2 improved so much his development...I have only a dirty question: why don't we use Papyon? Why we have to re-invent the wheel? Since emesene2 is _so elastic_ i think that using a "standard" and "shared" lib could make everything really really easier and reliable (?)

Orfeo C said...

For sure...i have to give to anyone a good link in order to read his features :D

and now i stop "Spamming"

yepi said...

Mariano, est aria bueno si podrias implementar una opcion para hacer los avatares de las conversaciones mas chicas tambien mas grandes, y tambien una opcion para ocultarlas.
Despues estaria bueno poder configurar la barra de botones de la ventana de conversacion y poder elegir tenerla mas chica con iconos mas chicos y tambien poder elegir (o que siga la configuracion de gtk) de que los botones de la barra tengan los botons con texto (al costado o abajo), solo iconos, o solo texto.
Muy buen progreso, los felicito!

yepi said...

No estaria bueno tambien ya empezar a hacerlo correr con python3?
Bueno, no se si es lo que estan haciendo ya, pero es una recomendacion.

Vinícius Mendes said...

The SVN repository will be updated? I can keep updating my emesene copy from there?

luismarianoguerra said...

@Vinícius Mendes: I don't think that the SVN repository will be kept up to date

Amalia said...

Mariano, primero, gracias por una herramienta envidiable! y segundo, quisiera saber si se pudiera tener un sistema de aviso para la llegada de mensajes como el msn tradicional, me refiero al brillo amarillo, yo en lo personal no uso los sonidos y si depende del tema que se tenga no me entero de que me escribieron, gracias

luismarianoguerra said...

@Amalia: si se puede, el plugin notification o cualquier plugin de notificaciones te va a servir para eso.


brodock said...

To replace trac i sugest Redmine... we've changed to it at my job... there is evan some "migration" scripts that can import everything.