Tuesday, May 18, 2010

why isn't feature X implemented, it's really important!

>>> def itsimportant(thing):
... print "why isn't", thing, "implemented, it's really important"
>>> [itsimportant(x) for x in ["video", "audio", "backgrounds", "games"]]
why isn't video implemented, it's really important
why isn't audio implemented, it's really important
why isn't backgrounds implemented, it's really important
why isn't games implemented, it's really important

We know there are features not implemented, we know you think they are pretty basic and they should be available for emesene to be a "serious" project.

But as you may know, we develop emesene because we like to, in our free time, for free, so when we can we try to implement the basic things missing and improve the project.

all multimedia stuff is really hard and platform dependent so even when emesene 1.6 has video support we get a lot of "my webcam doesn't work", "it's slow", "why not audio" etc.

Not only is hard, it also breaks with new versions, so all your time invested goes through the window when MS thinks it's fun t break everything. See here for more information.

if you can help in any way then do it, but please understand that we know what is missing and that is important.

saying things like "I would use emesene if it has X" won't make us run and implement it, because our time is limited and we don't like that kind of pressure.

we try to make emesene awesome, if you think emesene could be better then you can hire the main developers, they will work full time and will have to implement that features because that is what they are paid for ;)

one last so you understand: I don't even use the msn network since 2 years ago, so I'm not even developing something I use (I use emesene 2 with the jabber support only). So I'm developing features that I won't use just for you to have a nice alternative to MSN on linux. This should give you an idea of how much we like emesene to be awesome, even when I don't use almost all the features it has.


Andres said...

Yo te hago el aguante cabeza... a morir ...

CoskiBukowski said...

Se entiende perfectamente, yo lo uso todos los días y te agradezco y a todos los devs por todo!!


War said...

bardoooooooooooooooooooooo jajajajaja esta mas que bien brother, si te lo piden de buena manera es una cosa, pero que te agiten siendo que es gratis y lo haces de pura onda ya no va... avisame a quien hay que quemar y le caemos (!!)

Cando said...

you're a wise mariano... ;)

Gabriel said...

I'm using emesene every day on Linux :D
The adium styles are so awesome!!

Sos groso!!

Yo trato de convencer a la gente ara que use jabber, pero no se deja jaja, como mucho usan skype.


Diego said...

me parece perfecto, emesene es el mejor cliente para el msn en linux. Para mi ya tiene todo lo que un mensajero debe tener. Detesto que cada vez que sacan una nueva version debes de cambiar tu tarjeta de video solo para tener un mensajero cuando este funciona a la perfeccion.

Luis Mateo said...

hola que tal, no exite emesene para mac os x leopard???
alguna manera de instalarlo?

luismarianoguerra said...

En el foro hay una persona que mantiene bulds para mac os, fijate ahi.

Uggeli said...

Well this post should give us (the users) something to think about. All I can say is thank you, for the whole emesene development team!


If my friends wouldn't be so stuck in MSN, maybe I wouldn't use MSN ether. Well there is always a hope for jabber, since many of them does use facebook (sure in this case privacy is another story :D)

PSS. How about some feature ideas for jabber? (Just kidding) :D

Carlitus said...

ta mto bom esse emesene :D parabens ae galera do Brasil que faz parte do projeto. do caralho mesmo. Como posso participar do projeto ?

luismarianoguerra said...


que sabes o queres hacer?