Monday, October 25, 2010

it's coming

emesene 2 on windows :D

right now I have the installer and portable versions available, I need to test them some more.

if you really want to test it, follow the instructions in INSTALL_WINDOWS.txt and become the windows mantainer ;).


Jaime said...

First xD
Let see how works

Jaime said...

Im on WinXP 64bits
It works fine 4 me
Its nice that it takes my last avatar and PM (also with code colors etc)
The desing its pretty cool!!

klesus12 said...

Great work!

rezzo said...

I hope in 2.0 you can make a official version to Mac OS X.

João said...

Maybe i'm being stupid but where do i find the downloading link or that txt file?

I'm really missing something -.-


João said...

Already found it sorry :D


AleVs! said...
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AleVs! said...

emmm i want this now xD ..
i feel kinda stupidd.. where is the link to download this?¿