Sunday, October 24, 2010

qt frontend and problems connecting

hi, lot of people seem to have problems connection with papyon backend in emesene 2.

if you have this problems try selecting the e3.msn session in the login window clicking the preference button that is at the bottom right corner of the window. Or you can also use it with gtalk or facebook (a little more experimental backends).

I would also like to introduce a new sub project inside emesene 2, Whisky84 started working on a qt4 frontend for emesene 2, the code is located here:

warning, this is in heavy development, only try it if you are a developer and want to help him

thanks to Whisky84!

the message I saw yesterday is that we need testers, yes we need them but we also really need developers to help us, so run that message too!

thanks all of the people that helped since yesterday!


dvd said...

Papyon bug:

luismarianoguerra said...

fixed in the latest version of papyon