Friday, October 29, 2010

Windows users, your turn

now that you have instructions on how to build installer and portable versions of emesene 2, I expect the best and most tested installer available in short time.

you asked for it, now you have it, make windows a first class citizen for emesene 2.

test it, fix the problems and provide up to date versions of emesene for your platform.

linux, *BSD users: what are you waiting to document how to package for your distro of choice and be at the level of windows?

if you have the steps documented, contact me so we can add them to the emesene repo and keep the updated versions where users can see them.

happy packaging!


BoySka said...

In ArchLinux emesene2 is provided through AUR (the community-contributed repo).
However, currently the pkg needs to use a custom .desktop file, which I think is bad: applications should provide this themselves.
This would also make emesene's "branding" easier

c10ud said...

themeaningof42 said...

Does anyone have an installer made for Windows for emesene2 to test?

GRC said...

Ok, I'm a windows user and I can test the software. The only issue is that I can't get a windows version to download. If you can teach me how to build a windows version I can do it myself and I can do a lot of testing. Thank you for your answer.

luismarianoguerra said...

@GRC: the instructions are here