Thursday, December 30, 2010

know some python and SQL and want to help?

if you want to help but you don't want to learn about emesene structure and know some python and SQL then you can help.

build a script that imports the logs from emesene 1 SQLite schema to the schema in emesene 2 SQLite log format.

this would be really helpful and may help some people to migrate to emesene 2.


Alejandro Alcalde said...

Hola Mariano, Podrías explicarme un poco mejor de que iria el script?
Si pudiera me gustaria ayudarte.

Vinícius Mendes said...

IS the script done or you still need help? If you explain a little bit more what we must do, we can help you.

luismarianoguerra said...

the script doesn't exist, the post is a call for someone that wants to do it

Davi Lima said...

Mariano, would this be a good fit for the 'feature' tag on the issue tracker?

The idea is to get a page to discuss further informations as the schemas themselves, log formats etc.