Friday, March 04, 2011

status update

just a post to inform some updates:

  • emesene 2 developments continues, slower than we would like to since we are lacking developers (help us!)
  • emesene 2 was accepted in the next releases of debian (sid) and ubuntu (11.04) those are awesome news, but we need to speed up development so we have the best client when those distributions release
  • we are talking with "cloud" (our benevolent dictator for some time* TM) on consolidating all the sites and interaction around this blog and github (you can see a teaser now)
  • I started doing small changes to make emesene 2 as forward compatible with python 3 as we can to ease the migration when the time comes
just a reminder, don't report bugs on the comments, use gihub for that (look at the links at the right column)

* "some time" is defined by cloud


syst3m said...

Glad to see emesene is still alive and kicking. Can't wait for a next stable release!

RDX said...

Glad to see too. Always appreciative of your good work, although I know nothing about development

c10ud said...