Tuesday, April 12, 2011

About Sync emesene 1 -> emesene 2 (guest post from Andrea Stagi)

This is the first guest post in this blog written by Andrea, a new developer that is doing awesome contributions to the project, let's give him a round of aplausses and some recognition for his work

here is his post:

Hi everybody,

finally I can announce you that the synchronizer between emesene 1 and
2 is quite ready and safety :) At the moment this tool only import all
conversations and your personal avatars from emesene1 (one time only,
supposing that you'll use emesene 2 after its installation ;) )...
The remaining features to implement are:

1. Import all avatars of other contacts

2. Import all emoticons saved in emesene1

We're also still working to make it faster even with huge databases...

If you want to contribute, please have a look to files in e3/synch and
the SyncTool in gui/gtkui that uses an EmeseneSync object...


Marco said...

Great news, I've been waiting a long time this feature. I hope to see you soon

littlebear said...

Hi, I just used this feature to sync my emesene2 with 1, everything works find , thank you :)

But every time I start emesene, it constantly asked me whether I want to sync with emesene 1, does this mean I didn't complete the sync, or is there anyway to disable it because I think I have completed everything. Thanks.

=.4.S.= said...

Hi littlebear... Maybe you don't close emesene in the right way, so configuration file is not saved correctly... if this problem persists please report you issue on github ;) Thanks