Monday, May 30, 2011

emesene 2.11.5

So, developers have worked hard this month, and here we come with the new and shiny release: emesene 2.11.5!

look ma' i'm running the latest emesene version!

If you already tried/used the previous emesene-2 version (2.11.4), here's a small and readable changelog between the .4 release and this that tries to cover the tons of git commits we had this month:

- Experimental Qt4 gui (disabled by default: if you want to try it, run emesene with the -e main:qt4_main flag, and make sure to have python-qt4 around)
- Better support for Adium themes, including emoticon themes!
- Better working group chat
- Drag and drop support in chat window
- Ctrl+Tab support for switching tabs
- MSN groups chats support when using Adium themes
- Updated translations
- Lots of other bug fixes (so much we forgot about them? we fixed more than 100 user-reported issues!)

Thanks to all developers, translators, casual contributors, users, spammers, haters.
We hope our effort will be useful and appreciated, and that this new release will raise the interest in order to make the emesene ecosystem and community more powerful and capable of making the best instant messaging client you can think of!

Downloads incoming, check the dowloads page!
Source package (extract and run): zipball or tarball

p.s. unfortunately we haven't been able to have some fixes to the python-papyon library committed upstream, we recommend to stick with the 0.5.5 version and upgrade as soon as the 0.5.6 version comes out (we don't know when, unfortunately).


id said...

If your running emesene 2.11.4 on OS X, go to help and select check for updates to get the latest version

DennisAltermann said...

It doesn't have support to multiple account at same time, like Gtalk and Emesene or something like that?

hackedbellini said...

Is there any chances that 2.11.5 will be uploaded to the official Natty repositories? Since it's mostly a bugfix release..
If not, will the official emesene PPA be updated with this version for natty?
Thanks in advance!

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@hackedbellini: no idea, but the ppa has already been updated for Lucid, Maverick and Natty.

@DennisAltermann: no, empathy and pidgin are way better at that. However in future there might be ways to obtain sort of similar functionality, but it's not in our plans.

@id: nice!

Marco said...

Thanks for the new release :)
I make a post on my blog

=D4M14N= said...

Great! I'm testing it

Diego said...

Excellent news. Btw where are the conversation logs saved? Is there any way to save them on html like before?

Diego said...

also could you please remind me where is the proper place to report bugs and suggest/beg for new features?

Santiago said...

La verdad que esta versión funciona mucho mejor que la anterior!

Gracias :)

Matias said...

Holaaa holaa..

Antes que nada.. Felicitacionesss!-)

Por favor.. podrian hacer un post explicando las mejoras en los temas de adium? Como instalarlos? etc. =)

Tambien sobre la instalacion de plugins.. ;) jaja..

Gracias por todo..
Sigan asi!.

pd. Un wishlist.. Como sugerencia, estaria muy bueno ver una previsualizacion de temas.

Una idea totalmente alocada.. ¿Concideraron usar cheese para poner la imagen de contacto? ¿Y estaria muuuyy pero muyyy bueno usarlo para viedos llamadas? Aun no se si hicieron los bindings para python. :(

.. y otra idea loca, pero mucho mas util.. Seria muy complicado hacer un plugin para exportar las conversaciones y hacerlos compatibles con el msnplus.
De verdad esto me encantaria.. :) Son solo archivos html (Parecidos al viejo plugin que guargaba las conversaciones en html), pero organizado por carpetas "mes-año"

Disculpen que hago tantos pedidos y no aporto, pero créanme me encantaria, pero no se programar en phytom. :(


Luiz said...

When i updated the emesene, the message that appear when your contacts are typing ("e.g 'Your contact' is typing a message"), doesn't appear any more. Is there somebody with the same problem?

Diego said...

I believe that the "Your contact' is typing a message" message was removed and now the conversation icon changes to a gray icon with three dots

syst3mfailur3 said...


syst3mfailur3 said...

Any WINDOWS users interested in the portable version, future development packages (2.11.6-devel), and a standalone uninstaller (should work on any previous emesene2) go to .

2.11.6-devel releases should be considered experimental and may have issues.

fasix said...

Thanks, but in this PPA there isn't the emesene for maverick. is it normal?

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@fasix: we had an issue when copying packages, they picked up the wrong python version and now launchpad is refusing to rebuild them, we hope to solve this issue asap, by tomorrow i hope we can have the ppa fixed

klesus12 said...


Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@klesus12: there's none (yet?)

Giuseppe said...

Does Tray Icon works now? Music plugin??

Jean-Philippe said...

Hey, if you're able to make a totally new interface (qt), would you be able to make a one window version too? Look at this post and I think you'll understand what I mean:

Santiago said...

How can I install it on Ubuntu Linux? I'm kind of a beginner :D

Santiago said...
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Jem256 said...


Look on the Download Section and add the ppa. After you update/reload your sources it should show up in your software centre or the update manger if the old emesene is already installed

Mystro256 said...

I contacted fedora and OpenSUSE 3 weeks ago about packaging 2.11.4. Looks like fedora has put it on hold, probably because of the release of fedora 15. Suse on the other hand hasn't acknowledged my request at all.

Anyway, I made some packages for 2.11.5:
Fedora 15 and later (made to official Fedora Guidelines):
OpenSUSE (latest release):

Keplerk said...

there is an option for use proxy in windows ?

thodwris said...

Where are the plugins? Come on guys... :S

syst3mfailur3 said...


And help is always welcomed :)

Alex-pp said...

what about plugins?...
Is already available a pluging to show what I'm listening with this new release?

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@keplerk: theoretically it should use system proxy (when enabled both in emesene and windows)

@alex-pp: read above what syst3mfailur3 said

Kyle Towns said...

I'd like to join the project as a coder, however, (as of today,) I'm a beginner with Python. I want to tackle the issue of getting video calling (re?)implemented. Can someone point me in the right direction for starting?

luismarianoguerra said...

@Kyle: depending on how begginer you are you should start playing with


in that order, if you have any question let us know

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@kyle: first see here
then, you need a windows computer with the latest wlm in a local lan (or non-NAT internet, so no virtual machines) with a webcam capable of sending to emesene. With emesene-git you should be able to see video, what needs to be fixed is sending our video; gstreamer skills are requested for making papyon/farsight/whatever's failing to get the video stream from v4l2 and sending to live messenger, the infrastructure (gui widgets) is quite already there

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

extending my last comment: once it works in a non-NATed environment, some effort must be made inside python-papyon to support these kind of network configurations (with i.e. upnp), but that's definitely another problem unrelated to the main one that needs to be discussed with the other upstream developers :)

Santiago said...

@Jem256 Thanks!! It worked just fine!

jim said...

I love it :)

Alex-pp said...

It's cool, and thanks Riccardo (c10ud) for
suggestion, but I'm going to go back emesene 1.6-3 again.

All is right, but this release continue no saving my nickname
and status menssage. Each time when I get loggin, I have to
write my nickname and my menssage.

I'll be waiting for a more stable version.

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@alex-pp: use whatever version or software you prefer, but please know emesene-2.11.5 is the stablest of the emesene family and the issue about nick/etc. not saving is a consequence of emesene-1.6.3 usage. As said many times before, just check Preferences-Live Messenger and follow the instructions. Ofcourse using emesene-1.6.3 again will break your user-profile another time :)

prince2phor said...

I'm french and I have some questions :

Is files transfer works ?
Files transfer does'nt work for me. I forwarded ports 6891-6900 on my router.

Will video-call works in the future on emesene ? and also polygamy ?

How to connect emesene with a proxy adress : ?


prince2phor said...
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prince2phor said...

I use emesene on Linux natty

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

file-transfer work, but they don't need ports opened because they don't support direct connect.

If you want to connect with a proxy, make it your system proxy and enable it in emesene login page.

Audio/video calls working depends if there's someone willing to fix them

asdone said...

The tray icon works for me now. Lots of improvements since the first release. Thanks for all the great work!

luismarianoguerra said...


file transfer & webcam are experimental, they should improve when someone interested continues the development.

about polygamy, you can start more than one instance since forever.

about the proxy, you should configure it on the login screen in the preference button.

Alvaro Andrés said...

Genial :D
Al fin podré probar emesene 2.

Ed said...

Thanks for all the effort you're all putting on making emesene 2 better :)

Hiunn-hué said...

Thanks a lot for your effort.

But I have a little problem here: I set my contact list sorted by group, and the list should be expanded. But by some groups the contact list are always rolled up, when I log in. Is there any way to solve this small inconvenient?

And sometimes, emesene just cannot rememer my settings...

Sorry for my poor English, if you couldn't understand what I mean, I'll try another way to explain it.

OS: Ubuntu 11.04
Emesene Version: both 2.11.05 and 2.11.06 (Git)

ƒarouk said...

How can I install this in Mac os X Leopard PPC?

id said...

@ƒarouk To install it on PPC, download the PPC build from here

Install git from

Open Terminal and run:

git clone
cd emesene
git submodule init
git submodule update
git checkout v2.11.5
exec emesene/emesene

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@Hiunn-hué: i assume it's because you're not closing emesene when closing your session; try closing gracefully the program through File-Quit once you do all the settings at least once and see if it works then

onche said...

I don't know what did you do, but everything is shitty. The look is shitty, the bubbles are shitty, the personal smileys feature is shitty, everything is shitty. What you should do is come back on emesene 1. Seriously.

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@onche: successful troll is successful troll, i admit it

Hiunn-hué said...

@Riccardo (c10ud):

Thank you for answering my questions.

'Cause emesene does not always forget my settings (just sometimes), so I cannot tell if your Tip works. Anyway, I'll try to use "File-Quit" to close emesene every single time.

About the "rolled up contact list" ... I think I found the problem.

I have 8 groups on my contact list, only two of them alway keep rolled up, when I open emesene. I find out that, they both contain character such as ä, ö or ü in their name. So I change their name, and delete those characters. Then, the problem is gone.

In order to confirm, I put those characters back, and problem shows again.

sturmanskie said...

before all, thanks for all the work you're doing on emesene2.
I have only one question. Emesene1 was able to notify me about contacts apparently connecting to network in an offline status. Emesene2 is not able anymore to detect it, as far as verified it many times with friends. Probably that status is still intercepted but the new client discharge it before it triggers any notify's window. There is anything i could modify in order to get again the same behaviour? Any plan or request to put back that function on emesene2?
thanks in advance

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@Hiunn-hué: one time just for make it save setting should be enough :) about contacts with unusual letters, this is strange, groups shouldn't be affected by this..

@sturmanskie: iirc we're checking the previous status and discarding the notification if it doesn't meet certain requisites (e.g. offline to invisible is a no-no) and no, we don't have plans to change this behaviour (we want to be good citizens in the IM field preserving user privacy (?)) but you could easily browse the code and find where this checks are happening :)

Jardel Valim da Silva said...

Os bugs do plugin ja foram corrigidos?

Kyle Towns said...

Luis & Riccardo:

Thanks for the responses, I'll begin looking into this soon :)

Could I ask why, on an aside, the team isn't generally interested in implementing the feature? Not a fan of video calls?

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@kyle: most of us don't even use msn :) as for video calls, apart from not being generally interested, they require a lot of knowledge of some stuff mainly developed by Collabora Inc.
Using papyon as the msn library helps a lot, but there's lots behind it, we just plugged the api and hoped for the best

Sebastián Araya said...

why dont have multiple accounts at same time?

Sebastián Araya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Juan Carlos said...

He notado que los desarrolladores tambien hablan español y dado que es mi lengua materna la usare para expresarme de la mejor manera.

Ya habia comentado antes y sigo con mi opinion (en parte) de que el nuevo emesene... no me gusta.

Apoyo totalmente el desarrollo como todo programador, pero me parece que aun esta demasiado verde para que sea estable, al menos desde mi punto de vista, se que me podran decir que es para que mas gente lo pruebe y haga feedback... pero al menos para mi, no me gusta como estable.

Creo que lo que hasta ahorita (llevo un par de minutos con la version 2.11.5) lo que he notado que no han resuelto es que no se pueden agregar emotics, al menos yo no puedo, si le das click izquiero se ve el texto, pero no hay forma de guardarlo. De todos modos cualquier cosa me siento con el derecho de postearlo.

Suerte en el progreso y esperemos buenas mejoras para la proxima version.


Juan Carlos said...

No tarde mucho, una cosa que he notado y que... aunque realmente es algo sin mucha importancia es:

el tema por defecto de la conversacion esta medio incomodo al momento de copiar un fragmento de la misma, no se distingue bien quien es quien

Les dije, es algo bastante tonto, pero hasta esos detallitos cuentan...

Pancho Jay said...

Me gusta mucho como va quedando. Me gustaría sumarme al desarrollo pero estoy medio verde. No se por donde empezar. No se mucho python, pero he programado en varios lenguajes.
Puedo entender ingles sin problemas, pero redactar en ingles me resulta un obstáculo importante.
Saludos desde La Docta

luismarianoguerra said...

@Sebastian: because that is not the objective of the application, we want to be a good single session client.

empathy and pidgin are for that.

@Juan Carlos: voy a sonar repetitivo pero, recursos limitados, tiempo limitado, cantidad de desarrolladores limitados, un protocolo cerrado sin especificacion que cambia cada un rato etc etc.

hay dos formas de solucionarlo, o nos ayudas o buscas otro cliente que satisfaga tus necesidades.

suena duro pero es la realidad.


@Pancho Jay: mandame un mail y te ayudo a empezar.


Abdulrahman M, said...

What about supporting RTL like previous version ?
it's the only problem I faced beside ofcouse the custom smileys doesnt work ..

luismarianoguerra said...

@Abdulrahman: can you report an issue in the issue tracker with details about where the problem appears?

dd said...

Where are the plugins? =)

luismarianoguerra said...


Juan57_6 said...

Yo quisiera ayudar con este proyecto, me parece bueno, lo malo es que no sé Python.. veré si aprendo y luego les brindo ayuda.. Los felicito y gracias :D

vibe said...

im using the latest version and THERE IS NO VOICE/VIDEOCALL. any ideas?

Vanargand said...

Le hace falta la capacidad de abrir dos cuentas al mismo tiempo, como abrir un de msn y el facebook chat manteniendo solo una lista.

José Arcadio said...

The new version is great! It solved some important bugs and works fine. I would develop some plugins if I could program. It would be awesome if somebody makes some conversation history plugin. That's an essential functionality in a messenger client.

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@vibe: see here

@jose: no need for a plugin, emesene already registers all events and conversations, just right click a contact in your list and choose View Information

José Arcadio said...

Riccardo I have just realized it. Thats great. Just a suggestion: there coud be a direct access from the contact's context menu, at the same level of "View information".
Thank you very much!

Vanargand said...

now after a few days of trying it out I find that the window mover across workplaces on its own (running in ubuntu). Also it never remembers my nickname.

ViBE said...

@Riccardo (c10ud)
i did, but nothing happened. i have still no those buttons. and i noticed something in terminal:
/usr/share/emesene/emesene/gui/gtkui/ Warning: g_object_set_qdata: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
[13:49:31 WARNING papyon.msnp2p.session_manager] Received initial blob with SessionID=0 and non INVITE SLP data
[13:49:31 WARNING papyon.msnp2p.session_manager] Received initial blob with SessionID=0 and non INVITE SLP data

and another problem if i want to send my messages:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/emesene/emesene/gui/gtkui/", line 203, in _on_message_send
File "/usr/share/emesene/emesene/gui/base/", line 265, in _on_send_message
custom_emoticons = gui.base.MarkupParser.get_custom_emotes(text, self.emcache.parse())
File "/usr/share/emesene/emesene/gui/base/", line 156, in get_custom_emotes
parts = chunk.split(shortcut)
UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xf6 in position 1: invalid start byte

and if i press the emoticons button the program stops. i think something wrong with the emoticon cache data. how can i fix these things?

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@Vibe delete ~/.config/emesene2/

ViBE said...

@Riccardo (c10ud)
that folder doesn't exist:S

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

blogger ate some chars:
remove /home/yourname/.config/emesene2/

warning, you'll lose all your emoticons, you may want to save them first so you can re-add them.

or you can just edit the file in that directory and see what is wrong with you prefer

ViBE said...

@Riccardo (c10ud)
now it works. thank you:)
by the wy have you got any ideas why video/voicecall disabled? i already have got the required packages:S

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

no cam until there's an open source implementation of the codec used
by wlm2011 available -- atm there's none, that's why clients can't do

Sortiz said...

Great!!!! one question. this version support webcam?

xangua said...

is it norma for on, to have this latest emesene version and experience a lot of eeecrashes¿

Michael said...

Emesene many times forget my name,and then i se my email adress and have to type Michael again really annoying

Michael said...

Emesene 2.11.5 many times forget my setting like my name Michael and then i only see my e-mail adress other times my i am notified when someone are logging out of msn, have always adjust emesene så i dont get notified when someone leaves

syst3mfailur3 said...

This is from the Report Issue tab:


DKman said...

The 2shared link to download a RPM package for OpenSUSE doesn't work for me ... someone can upload it elsewhere plz ?

DKman said...

The 2shared link to download the RPM for OpenSUSE doesn't work for me ... someone can upload it somewhere else plz ?

Alex-pp said...

Thanks Riccardo (c10ud) for helping me and thanks to syst3mfailur3 too, that link works on my emesene 2.11.5, I'm not sure if my contacts can see what I'm listenig but I can see and activate plugins on this release.

ViBE said...

where can i find working plugins (like now playing) for emesene and how can i install them?

ViBE said...

where can i find working plugins (like now playing) for emesene and how can i install them?

JJ said...

2.11.4 is very buggy!

not name said...

emesene2 no logging messenger history! Nor work! Not find messenger hiytory! I've tried everything. I have had it this bad program.Why not fung msn chat history?????? Why not shaved chat history????? it's a lousy!

ARIA said...

Please, make emesene 2 works with emesene 1.6.3 plugins. All of them!