Monday, May 23, 2011

emesene gets a Qt4 gui

Gabriele "Whisky" Visconti a while ago started writing a Qt4 gui extension for emesene (yes, through our nifty extensions it is actually possible to support multiple gui toolkits) and today i'm here to say that i put his great work into emesene/master so that all our git users can try it and maybe improve it/help him fix stuff!

Actually, launching emesene with the Qt4 gui is really easy:
- install pyqt (debian/ubuntu: sudo apt-get install python-qt4)
- get a copy of emesene from git (so you'll be updated enough)
- run emesene: emesene -e main:qt4_main

Beware! This code is still a draft far behind the GTK+ one but it's a great start if you like Qt..and emesene of course (hint: almost-native look in every plaform anyone?). It is not meant for everyday use (yet?), but hacking on it should be real fun.

What are you waiting for? Just pull and updated copy of emesene-git and start hacking!


HASL said...

OMG!!! this is what I was waiting for !!!

Jean-Philippe said...

Then what's the point with aMSN2? Why don't all of their developers team up with you? It seems like all the possibilities with the emesene plugins are equivalent with the goals of aMSN2.

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

I don't know, i guess you should ask them, maybe different design goals?

ricsipontaz said...

Cool, but there is some problem with the caracter coding:

Gabriele said...

Ouch! Open an issue on, I'll investigate it asap!

id said...

The Qt4 interface is working on OSX

See here:

Gabriele "Whisky" Visconti said...

Yeah! :D in fact I'm developing it using Linux, MacOsX and Windows at the same time ;)