Friday, June 10, 2011

a place for emesene users to meet


for some time users have been asking where was the forum and which was the replacemente for the forum.

since maintaining all the infrastructure by ourselves was taking a lot of times for the contributors of the project and we had several "entry points" to the project we decided to consolidate.

the result is the blog as a place to be up to date on what's happening with the project, get information, downloads, links etc.

and github for development, issue tracker, wiki etc.

all this is working really nice, except for the fact that there is no place for end users to interact with eachother.

after some discussion we decided to open the emesene users group on google groups

the idea of the group is to discuss/share things like plugins/themes and maybe small problems/fixes/workarounds.

we would also like to use that channel as a way to expose tasks that don't require lot of expertise, like translations, documentation, small bug fixes, improvement on code quality etc.

the rules are simple:

  • the channel is to talk about emesene, stay on topic
    • mark [OT] on the subject if you really think an off topic post should go to the list, to make it easy for people to filter those messages
  • english is preferred, that way we reach more people
    • if you really don't know anything about english mark your topic with the language ([es], [it], [pr]) so other people can filter those topics
  • be nice
  • help move common knowledge to the wiki or to a FAQ to point repeated questions there
  • help us promote interested people to developers

so, come over and let's talk about emesene

this is all for now, I may expand this post as we go


Chris Rietveld said...

This is good.

RMRubert said...

Please add the group in the tabnav bar.

Alexis said...

Hi everybody! I would like to make a suggestion not about the emesene 'cause i think it's cool!! (Good job by the way), but i think the website needs a new look! What you guys think? I mean it's a new year, a new emesene version and why not release a new website interface?? :-D

Heitor said...

Eu adoro o emesene, ele é muito bom e estável, queria q fosse mais leve, pois tem alguns travamentos no windows, tentei modifica-lo mas nã o resolveu muita coisa, queria uma versão do emesene recente e em português, tive q usar o espanhol, então se não for pedir de + traduzam para o português e deixem-o mais leve, ok, ele é muito bom se eu conseguir melhorar ele eu lhes aviso BeLeZa, visitem meu blog
lá eu pus a ultima versão do emesene para o pessoal baixar pois acredito que o emesene é muito melhor e ainda pode melhorar, se eu puder contribuir eu irei lhes ajudar, vocês tem o meu apoio.

Guto Santos said...

Olá baixei e instalei, funcionou por alguns minutos e travou, agora quando loga não abre toda a lista de contatos, nem envia ou recebe as mensagens. alguma tipo de ajuda fórum algo em Português Brasil para que possa ser usado?