Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Unity support

And there it is, support for the shiny new Unity Launcher available in Ubuntu 11.04+. You can now quit emesene by using the quicklist, and you'll never miss a message again, because the launcher will alert you and show the number of messages you haven't read yet.

Have fun!



Sataporn said...

I like this!

jim said...

I don't like Unity. I'ts very confusing and unclear!

Mystro256 said...

Perhaps a disconnect option and file transfer progress bar too? ;)

Looks good none the less :D

Sweetth said...

That's a good news, but I still do not get why you won't support gnome shell integration - unity and ubuntu are a wide part of the market that's for sure. But gnome shell is use widely.

Riccardo (c10ud) said...

@jim: wow
@sweeth: because i don't use gnome-shell. i don't use unity either, patches welcome :)

luismarianoguerra said...

@Sweetth: unity support was coded by someone that used unity and wanted support.

if someone that uses gnome shell wants integration then he could code it and make a pull request.

it sounds lazy, but we are to few devs with little time, so it make sense to focus on stuff we use*.

I would like support for gnome shell/windows/mac but as long as someone using those environments doesn't join the devs it would be hard.

* to get an idea, I don't use the MSN protocol since at least 4 years.

Tiago said...

como eu habilito o suporte ao unity? eu estou com a versão 2.11.5, e no meu não aparece. estou fazendo alguma coisa errada? baixei do ppa.